The purpose of Backpack Blessings of Powell is to provide Powell elementary age children who may not have enough to eat at home with weekend meals during the school year. Powell Loaves and Fishes will occasionally donate food items that are on our list; we also reciprocate and donate any items that are donated that are not on our list to the Loaves and Fishes program.
Most of the funds used to purchase food to feed the children comes from the Powell community (individuals, organizations, and companies). We are blessed to have several organizations that have fund drives for our program at various times during the year. We also have an annual Pie sale in the fall. The pies for the sale are donated by volunteers from the Powell community.
Yes, Backpack Blessings of Powell has 501c3 status and monetary donations are tax deductible.
It was decided by the board that up to 5% of the yearly budget can be used for administrative expenses, such as postage, office supplies, and marketing. Backpack Blessings pays no salaries or stipends to individuals; all work is done by community volunteers.
All funds donated or raised during the school year and not used during that year, are carried over to the following school year.
Yes, we love it when community members shop the grocery sales for us! Food items may be dropped off at the Union Presbyterian Church in Powell during their office hours or by appointment. There is a list of items on this website that can be donated for the bags that are sent home each weekend. We cannot accept food items past their expiration date.


Children in kindergarten through 5th grade who are enrolled in the three elementary schools in Powell are eligible to receive these weekend meal packs. Letters are sent home from the teachers, to find out if families are interested in receiving the pack. Backpack Blessings is given a number each week from each of the schools to know how many bags are needed. The teachers put the packs of food in the child’s backpack while they are out to recess, thus keeping identities private.
Children receive meals for weekends during the school year on either Friday or the last day of the week they attend school that week prior to the weekend. Meals are not provided during school breaks or over holidays.


Backpack Blessings of Powell program is geared specifically for local grade school children who may not have enough to eat on the weekends and only during the school year. Loaves and Fishes serves families and adults; they also distribute food during the week throughout the entire year.

Backpack Blessings of Powell is currently housed at the Union Presbyterian Church. See our history on this website for more information. It is supported by churches, organizations and individuals in the community. The Board for Backpack Blessings of Powell has members from several churches in Powell, but takes no direction from any individual church and has its own non-profit designation.

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